General Paediatrics cover most medical conditions children and adolescents commonly suffer from such as infections, headaches, tummy pains, urine infections, constipation, reflux in babies due to milk allergy and eczema. Specialist services are provided for the following conditions:

Urinary Tract Infection

UTI in children is a common problem. Older children may have symptoms like difficulty passing urine, fever, tummy pain and even blood in their urine. Very young children often have non-specific symptoms like fever, vomiting and being unwell. If urine infection is not identified and treated early, it can cause damage to kidneys with long term impact on health.


Bed wetting or day time urinary accidents are quite common in children. Enuresis can be quite embarrassing for the child which can undermine their confidence. If enuresis develops after a dry period, this can be sign of other underlying medical conditions like urine infection. Day time wetting can be associated with constipation and often presents with increased urinary frequency and urgency. Most children can be treated effectively either with alarms or medicine.


Or presence of blood in the urine, visible or microscopic, is not normal. This can be relatively benign or due to other serious conditions like kidney infection or even kidney tumour. Haematuria needs urgent evaluation to exclude serious causes.


Kidney Stones

Are relatively uncommon in children. They often present with colicky tummy pains and presence of blood in urine. Stones in kidneys can cause recurrent urine infections. Identification of stones requires special tests like X-ray, ultrasound or even CT scan.


These children do not have healthy red cells which results in oxygen not being adequately delivered to the body tissues. This results in a child being tired, appearing pale and lacking concentration with poor school performance. Anaemia can be due to lack of adequate iron in the diet or more serious conditions like cancers. Most children treated with introducing diet rich in iron and in severe cases with iron supplements.

Excessive Bruising/Bleeding

Children with bleeding disorders often present with unusual bruises and prolonged bleeding following injuries or operations. Children with excessive bruising and bleeding need urgent review to exclude underlying medical conditions such as hereditary conditions, low platelet count or childhood leukaemia.

Childhood Cancers

Luckily cancers in children are uncommon. Unfortunately, signs and symptoms of childhood cancers can be quite vague, which may result in a delay in diagnosis. Common symptoms include swollen glands, unexplained bruises, being very pale, persistent headaches, unexplained lumps and a swollen abdomen.


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