Surrey Total Health is able to offer treatment for the following cancer types:


Head and Neck Cancer

Head and neck cancer includes cancers arising anywhere in the nose, throat, mouth, voice box, sinuses and salivary glands. It does not include brain tumours.

Treatment options vary according to the site that is affected, the stage of the cancer at diagnosis and other medical problems the patient has. Possible treatment options include surgery or radiotherapy with or without chemotherapy. In some circumstances all treatment modalities are required. Head and neck cancers that have spread to other parts of the body may be treated with chemotherapy or immunotherapy.

Currently Surrey Total Health is able to offer radiotherapy, chemotherapy or immunotherapy as required.

Thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer arises from the thyroid gland which sits in the neck in front of the voice box. It is treated surgically in the first instance with removal of part or the whole of the thyroid gland. Depending on the stage of the disease  radioactive Iodine or radiotherapy may be required following surgery. Thyroid cancer that has spread can be treated with biological therapy which is given in tablet form and has a different side effect profile to chemotherapy.

Surrey Total Health is able to offer treatment with radioactive Iodine, radiotherapy, and biological therapy.

Skin cancer

Non-melanoma skin cancers may be treated with surgery or radiotherapy. The choice depends on the age of the patient and the site affected. In the more advanced stages they may be treated with chemotherapy, immunotherapy or biological therapy depending on the type of skin cancer. Electrochemotherapy may be appropriate in circumstances where other treatments are either inappropriate or have previously failed.

Surrey Total Health is able to offer radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, biological therapy and electrochemotherapy for skin cancer.


Lymphoma is an abnormal proliferation of white blood cells. It most commonly occurs in lymph nodes (“glands”) which are present throughout the body but concentrated in areas such as the neck, arm pits and groins. Lymphoma can however occur in almost any location. There are many different types of lymphoma some of which can be extremely aggressive and some of which are extremely slow-growing. Lymphomas are frequently managed with chemotherapy in the first instance, however they are very radio-sensitive cancers and radiotherapy is frequently used in their management.

Surrey Total Health is able to offer radiotherapy when appropriate for lymphoma.


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