Allied Healthcare Conference Agenda

Acute vs Chronic Conditions in Primary Care


Registration will take place from 08.30-09.00

Sessions will run from 09.00-15.30 with an hour for lunch and breaks


Topics include the following:

Hip Session

  • The sporting hip
  • Recovering after a hip fracture
  • Groin injuries / Hamstring injuries
  • The orthopaedic management of hip and groin pain
  • Treatment of hip pain in 2019
  • Rehabilitation after total hip replacement
  • Management of unhappy THR

Knee Session

  • Paediatric knee injuries
  • Treating knee pain in 2019
  • Anterior knee pain – diagnosis, management and when to refer on?
  • Current concepts in ligament injuries
  • Painful knee – update for ESP’s
  • Rehabilitation of total knee replacement
  • Management of unhappy TKR
  • Rehabilitation of multi-ligament injuries in knees

Foot and Ankle Session

  • Management of recurrent ankle subluxations
  • Management of ankle fractures
  • Ankle impingement
  • Management of foot fractures
  • Management of achilles tendon injuries
  • What not to miss in foot and ankle injuries – red flag and important signs

Spine session

  • Facet OA management
  • Management of acute disc prolapse
  • Management of spondylolisthesis
  • Management of chronic back pain
  • Management of sacroiliac pain

Pain Q&A session

Gynaecology Q&A session